Sehr experimenteller Competition Coffee für Filtermethoden. Stark fermentiert, fancy, süss, und fruchtig. Ein Geschmackserlebnis!


Very experimental competition coffee for drip coffee. Strongly fermented, fancy, sweet and fruity. A taste experience!


TASTING NOTES Fig, Dark Chocolate, Clove


PRODUCER Ninety Plus


TERROIR Barù Volcano

ALTITUD 1500 msnm

FERMENTATION Hot Anaerobic Natural



DEGUSTATIONSNOTIZ Feige, Dunkle Schokoloade, Nelke



LAND Panama

REGION Barù Volcano

ANBAUHÖHE 1500 M. ü.  M.

AUFBEREITUNG Hot Anaerobic Natural



We have tested around 21 lots but we have decided to start first with this lot since it was their first coffee that the producer developed by Ninety Plus in Ethiopia in 2013 in a successful effort to improve the flavor of common coffee varieties through deeper fermentation. Drima Zede is processed by Ninety Plus' proprietary with a "hot fermentation" method that is designed to intensify sweetness.


About the terroir and the farmer:

The Ninety Plus Estates are where the essence of the Ninety Plus brand experience lives. Located on the western slopes of the Barú volcano, these are the first and only places in the world where heirloom Ethiopian varieties of coffee are grown under full forest canopy at this scale. Like massive ecological parks with coffee growing as part of the forest community, these pristine playgrounds include trail networks which connect experiential moments ranging from waterfalls and pre columbian petroglyphs to giant trees, volcano views, and jaguar bathing pools.


Founder Joseph Brodsky partners with Guillermo Saint Malo Eleta (Eleta Family Investment Fund) to challenge and innovate the value chain in the coffee industry, matching coffee grown in the best conditions in the world with technology to develop natural processes that provide unique flavor profiles and amazing value to the end product. Joseph leads the innovation by pushing the boundaries of quality and processing.


Founder Joseph Brodsky had an opportunity in 2009 to acquire this large property (~200 hectares) and had a vision of reforesting its historic cattle farming lands with native tree species while planting the shade-loving Ethiopian Gesha coffee beneath the canopy. With its first significant production in 2014, coffee from Ninety Plus Gesha Estates was used to win the first of 5 World Brewers Cup Championships in 6 years. Ninety Plus Gesha Estates proves that coffee can be utilized to reforest and sustain tropical lands while producing the highest valued coffees in the world

Panama Drima Zede

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  • Hochwertige Design-Verpackung: halbtransparenter Beutel ohne Aluminium, recycelbar und wiederverwendbar, mit Zip und Ventil. In lichtdichter Brauncarton-Schachtel, welche ebenfalls recycelt werden kann. 


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  • We have bought this coffee directly with the producer that has cost approx 50 dollars x kg put in Switzerland.