Sensory Coffee Nº 3




  • 100 grams of light roasted coffee 

  • Roasted and sent in the middle of December 2022

  • With a portrait of this coffee as a Fine Art Print A5 and text

  • Very limited

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DEGUSTATIONSNOTIZ Mandarine, Pfirsich, Jasmin


PRODUZENT Finca La Senda, Arnoldo Pérez Melendez & Maria Eugenia Escobar

LAND Guatemala

TERROIR Aldea el Socorro, Acantenango, Chimaltenango

ANBHAUHÖHE 1750 M. ü. M.



INHALT 100 gr


Finca La Senda was established in 1940s and was pioneering coffee planting. The finca is a family run plantation with strong focus on new and contemporary fermentation techniques.


Owners Arnoldo and Maria Eugenia Pérez had been selling cherries from their 25 hectares of coffee to a nearby cooperative for years. In 2017, they decided to transition into higher end coffees by hiring Thomas Pingen as a consultant. This paradigm shift was also made possible with the help of their daughter, Yancy. 

Up until 2017, the family was delivering coffee to the local cooperative. After meeting a high-end coffee consultant, Thomas Pingen, the family understood the potential of the finca’s cherries. The focus shifted to producing high-end micro-lots. Bilding infrastructure and facilities (beneficio) began in April 2017 and were completed in November 2017.


Sensory Coffee Nº 3 Guatemala Geisha Finca La Senda

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